How to get prepared for a photoshoot

Dear model, I'm always ready to help you! There are my top 10 tips for a photoshoot:

  1. Try to be relaxed. I am your friend who is alway ready to help. Try to think about something that makes you happy. 
  2. Don’t worry if don’t know how to pose because I always say to my models how to do it. I see your best sides and I'm literally your mirror during the shoot.
  3. If you have acne, it's not a big deal! But if you wouldn't like to see it in photographs, please try to use a foundation to cover it a bit. It would really help me to edit and deliver your photos faster.   
  4. The powder would help to reduce an oily shininess.
  5. I respect your choice to be natural. Just let me know if you wish to see your skin with no editing.
  6. Bringing a comb helps to fix your hairstyle in case of windy weather.
  7. Try to not wear anything that makes you feel weird and uncomfortable. 
  8. Wear neutral colors if you want an accent to be on your personality, face, and body instead of on your cloths. 
  9. If you decide to wear colours, they could be very beneficial too! Don’t overdo it and pick up something that really suits you and makes your face and body to stand out instead of fading it. 
  10. Less jewelry is better but an extra pair of earrings can help your portrait be more interesting and attractive. 
  11. Fresh manicure always look nice in the photos!  
  12. You may always to send me pictures of your outfits and we could decide together. I'm here for you.  
  13. For some people, the session could be a new, a bit nervous process. A warm drink, a sip of water help reduce the stress. 
  14. Don’t be shy to ask me anything. It would be my pleasure to help you!

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